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Flue gas analysis devise

The MULTILYZER is a digital flue gas analysis computer with the latest microprocessor technology and a compact design.

Values to be measured: 02, CO/H2 4.000, flue gas temperature, combustion air temperature, draft, pressure, differential pressure.

Options: CO 20.000, NO, SO2
Calculated are: undiluted CO, CO2, NOx, lambda, eta efficiency, flue gas losses, dew point, temperature difference.

  • The device has a data memory for 100
  • measuring blocks.
  • Ideal for monitoring in conformity to BlmSchV and for the safety testing of gas fires for CO concentration.
  • A second flushing pump protects the CO measuring cell even at high CO concentrations
  • Recording of four measured values at the same time!


  • Liquid fuel value EB
    Option to enter soot number, oil derivatives and customer number

Scope of delivery:

MULTILYZER for up to 4 measuring cells, charger, flue gas combination probe, condensation filter cartridge, ambient air probe, IR interface, case

Options: IrDA interface, plastic packing case, aluminium packing case or protective housing with magnets, thermal printer.

The MULTILYZER can optionally also be equipped with an IrDA interface for wireless bidirectional data transmission (laptop/PDA).

Advantageous for the burner optimisation are the graphic display options. The measured data (for 100 measuring blocks!), according to BlmSchV or CO safety check, can be either printed directly or from a measuring data memory by a printer with an infrared interface, or they can be further processed by PC.