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Cleaning electrical systems

ElaProof is a water-based polymer emulsion made from REACH-approved *) raw materials. It is completely free of solvents and pollutants and does not contain any substances that are harmful to humans, the environment or organisms.

ElaProof adheres to any type of flat surface – flat, porous or reticulate – wet or dry.

*) REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals) is the regulation of the European Union on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006).


  • Sealing and sealing
  • Elastic surface treatment
  • Preventing rust and weathering of concrete or repairing corrosion damage
  • Repairing and bridging holes, cracks, etc.
  • Bonding different materials (e.g. wood and concrete)
  • Mold prevention and removal


Due to the morphology of its cured polymer particles **), ElaProof forms a durable, elastic, breathable membrane that adapts to the movements of heat and moisture from surfaces without peeling off.
Based on the Arhenius equation and experience, the service life of the ElaProof surface is over 80 years.
**) Hardening is the removal of water


ElaProof surface can – if necessary:

  • painted, plastered, asphalted, clad and tiled (except for tiles in continuous use under water)
  • be reinforced with nets or fabric material (such as fiberglass, fleece, filter cloth and rock wool)
Solids content 61 ± 1%
pH 6.5-7.5
Density approx. 1.0 g / cm3
colour black
Flash point does not burn
Flammability does not ignite
Water solubility miscible
Minimum film formation temperature (MFFT) < 0oC (< 32 F)
Drying time (20 ° C, 1 kg / m2) 1–2 h (depending on the basic material)
Adhesion strength (on concrete 20 ° C) approx. 1.0 N / mm2
Crack bridging (20oC, thickness 0.6 mm) approx. 10.3 mm (0.4 “)
Water vapor permeability 7.21 x 10-14 kg / (m • s • Pa)
Boiling point approx. 100 ° C (212 F)
Hardening / softening temperature -27oC (-16 F)
Max. Service temperature (> 24 h) approximately. 190oC (370 F)
Weather resistance ((UV, thermal stress, moisture) Excellent
Chemical resistance Good – except for strong inorganic acids and
organic solvents

Packaging, storage and security

ElaProof should be stored in tanks made of steel, aluminum or plastic. ElaProof is stable under normal conditions and the product can be stored for over twelve months. The containers should be kept closed to prevent evaporation of the water and the formation of a skin on the surface.

The product should not be exposed to frost, temperatures above 40 ° C or direct sunlight. If you have any safety problems, please refer to the safety data sheet.