GREEN-LABEL stop-off coating

against carburizing – water-based

Highly effective stop-off protection for use with vacuum or gas carburizing: temperatures up to 1900° F and depth up to 0,125" depending on the coating thickness. Applied by painting, dipping and spraying (airless system).

To clean parts after carburizing simply wash them with soap and water. The tools can be cleaned the same way.  Removal of the product is ecologically safe.

Extent of supply:

Plastic bucket 4,5 kg
Barrels 260 kg

This product is ecologically safe. Tools can be cleaned with soap and warm water and hazardous waste removal is unnecessary.


AVION COPPER-LABEL is an extremely effective stop-off paint against carburizing, which can be used in all fields of heat treatment processes except for nitro carburizing. The paint is especially useful to depths up to 3 mm.

  • very economical – one single coat is sufficient
  • solvent-free
  • less glazing effects as known with other carburizing stop-offs
  • especially suited as carburizing stop-off of external threads and short gear teeth
  • applicable by brushing, dipping, spraying and dispensing guns
  • removal by wire brushing or blasting
Removal of Copper-Label by wire brushing or sandblasting because of the excellent adhesion quality on your parts.

Extent of supply:

Plastic bucket
1 kg
Plastic bucket 4,5 kg
260 kg