BLUE LABEL stop-off coating

against nitriding – water-based

Highly effective protection against nitriding by one or more applications depending on the requirements. The product should not be heated above 400°F / 204°C without a protective gas atmosphere. After nitriding, the residue may be re-moved with a cloth or stiff brush. Clean up tools with soap and warm water.

Extent of supply

Pints and quarts 1 kg

This product is ecologically safe. Tools can be cleaned with soap and warm water and hazardous waste removal is unnecessary.


AVION's water based nitriding and carburizing stop-off coating NDB is developed especially for all nitriding processes. This sustainable coating is a completely organic product with ceramic components, which provide a hard and abrasion-resistant coating for all types of metal during the heat treatment.

Easy handling by brushing, spraying or dipping like ordinary housepaint, removal of the coating with steel brush, sandblasting or other mechanical processes. No ignition hazard as the coating is free of solvents.


  • 100% efficient for all types of metal, even high-alloys, and processes
  • easy handling
  • water based, therefore easy cleaning of tools with water
  • hard and abrasion-resistant coating

Application in:

  • nitriding, including plasma-nitriding
  • vacuum
  • gas-carburizing
  • carbonitriding
  • salt bath treatment

Operating instruction:

  • Cleaning of surface from oil, scales, etc prior to application
  • apply 2 or 3 coatings by brushing, spraying or dipping
  • thoroughly drying at room temperature
  • suitable for heat treatment processes up to 1.200°C

Extend of supply

Pails 1 kg