Control system for endothermic gas


The AUTOGEN is a precision gas mixing and control system for endothermic gas generators. The system incorporates a patented control system that utilizes electronic flow measurement and precise ratio control to consistently provide the ideal gas mixture for high quality endothermic gas generation.

The AUTOGEN significantly reduces operating costs by eliminating gas waste. The fuel injection design automatically provides gas mixture on demand, providing only as much endothermic gas as your furnaces require. Designed to easily replace existing carburetor/pump designs the AUTOGEN typically pays for itself in less than one year.

Features & Benefits

  • No more burn-off (1:5)
    • Reduces Operating Costs
  • Reduction of COEmissions
  • Reduces Maintenance Time
  • Minimizes Generator Setup / Startup Time
  • No Lubrication Required
  • Precision Dew Point Control
  • Precision Ratio Control
  • Reduces Sooting of Catalyst


The system includes

  • Full-Color Touch Screen
  • integrated Dew Point Control
  • Integrated Temperature Control
  • Ratio Controller
  • Fuel-injection Control Valve
  • Integrated Paperless Chart Recorder (5+ yr. Data Storage)
  • Electronic Air Flow Meter
  • Electronic Gas Flow Meter
  • Mixing Blower
  • Relief Valve
  • Air Inlet Filter


Control Power

110/220V at 50/60 Hz

Blower Power 230/460 V 3 Phase

100 - 6000 CFH (Standard)

100 - 14,000 CFH (Extended)

Turndown 5:1 (or less)
Min Gas Pressure

+2.5 psig (Standard)

+0.5 psig (LP Model)

Max Gas Pressure 5 PSIG All Models
Communication Ports 232/485/Ethernet
Protocol ModbusRTU
Ports 2" NPT (unless otherwise specified)
Gas Types Propane or Natural Gas