CYCLONIC Burner tips

CYCLONIC burner tips

In the CYCLONIC burner tip design, the drill holes are shaped in an angled fashion to produce a helical flame pattern. The swirling motion heats the radiant tube more efficiently and heat accumulation at single points is reduced; this provides more uniform heat distribution and better tube life.

Additional flame breakers are no longer necessary and consequently subsequent costs are avoided!

By improved design the CYCLONIC burner tip increases the heat efficiency of the burners by at least 10 %; with adjustment an improvement of more than 25% is possible.  By using the highly heat-resistant high-grade steel RA 330 the resistance of the CYCLONIC burner tip against oxidization is quadrupled in comparison with other products and the melting point is higher.


Heat-resistant high-grade steel
US standard RA 330

Type ACB-10 Connection 3/4" u. 1" 25 kwH
Type ACB-20 Connection 1" 30 kwH

All sizes are immediately available.

CYCLONIC burner tips

  • flame breakers are unnecessary
  • easy exchange
  • more efficient heat effect