Ceramic reflective coating for industrial furnaces

  • Energy savings by heat reflexion.
  • Increased production and productivity
  • Improved product quality by uniform heat distribution
  • Additional protection of brick work and fiber insulation
  • Health protection by encapsulating of loose brick particles or hazardous ceramic fibres.
  • Reduction of NOx emmissions due to reduced energy consumption and/or increased productivity
  • to be applied on almost all insulating materials- new or aged
  • increased life of furnace linings
  • long lasting protection even after several years


  • Mix of multiple natural substances like Mullit, Kyanite, metal oxides and others.
  • No organic additives
  • Various viscosities, depending on application (first coating, repair, metal coating)
  • Odorless
  • Alkaline
  • Non hazardous, not harmful to health
  • Tested thermally stable to 1500°C