Powdered Alkaline Spray Wash Cleaner.

CLEAN-LABEL is an excellent all-purpose powdered phosphate cleaner. It provides outstanding cleaning of low quality hot rolled steel and "smutty steel".

CLEAN-LABEL is commonly used in processes that run primarily ferrous metals and occasionally aluminium.

Key properties

  • Removes residual coating of AVION GREEN-LABEL Stop-Off coating
  • Removes heavy duty soils from ferrous and some non-ferrous metals.
  • Exceptional product for cleaning extruded aluminium prior to painting
  • Cleans hot rolled steel and smutty steel exceptionally well.

CLEAN-LABEL - Metal compatibility for the following:

  • stainless steel
  • iron
  • titanium
  • brass
  • bronze
  • cadmium
  • chrome
  • copper
  • lead
  • magnesium
  • nickel
  • steel
  • aluminium and zinc alloys

Cuprous metals may discolour slightly after pro-longed contact with the solution.
Not safe on tin.

Form of delivery

Plastic bucket
25 kg