Furnace chains

Type EURO: The standard chain - globally approved.  Highly heatresistant chain, mainly for use in carburizing, carbonitriding and hardening work.
(Material 50 % RA 310 / 50 % RA 330)

The reinforced chain for universal use at quenching and tempering, hardening and carbonitriding. The charge weight can be increased by at least 25 % depending on the equipment. Only one alloy is used for the chain.
(Material RA 310 / 1.4845)
Type DELUXE: The light one, mainly for the use at quenching and tempering of relatively low weights and high volume.
(Material RA 310)
All links are welded, except 3 end links which are splinted at one side for easy shortening of the chains.

Lengths / Pitch

100 links 1 5/8"
76 links 2 ½"


Further lengths and repair links upon request.

AVION transfer chains – specifically designed for multipurpose chamber furnaces, sized to your individual batch weights.