AVION furnace retrofits

In addition to the delivery of replacement parts, AVION also offers a range of services e.g.:
  • Renovations and repairs of furnace installations
  • Conversion from electrical to gas-heating
  • Conversion of old heating systems for energy recuperation
  • Furnace settings
  • Modernisation of furnace controls
The selection of the environmentally benign refractory materials is made in accordance with your specifications or the suggestions of our furnace setters and installation staff.

Thanks to a small stuff, AVION can offer its services at an excellent quality standard and more price efficient than a furnace construction company.

You will receive from us a complete offer including all the replacement parts or, on request, for the work only if you order the replacement parts and components separately.

The appropriate burner settings and the modernisation of the controls are part of our service range as is the handover of the corresponding testing logs before approval testing.