End-O-Therm air-cooled endothermic gas cooler

Practical Solution for problematic cooling processes.

End-O-Therm uses air instead of water as a cooling medium. The only piping required is a short run from the generator to the cooler and on to the furnace. All the water pipe and valves and subsequent water-cooling systens are eliminated. Gas piping is simplified by mounting the End-O-Therm directly on the side of the generator with the cooler inlet at the same level as the retort outlet

The advantages

  • sturdy cooler for continous operation with hot gases
  • heat treatment without water consumption by intelligent air cooling unit
  • no danger of thermal shock, sooting, calcination or steam explosions
  • reduced water bill for fresh- and waste water
  • eliminates currently used tubes, valves and water cooling systems
  • no soot in the generator therefor less contaminated quench oil
  • rapid return on investment