Ventilating fans

AVION ventilating fan ULTRA
AVION circulating fans ULTRA – the low-priced ventilation unit without the vibration.

ULTRA fans are made of heat-resistant alloy
RA 330. ULTRA ventilating fans are always heat treated, x-rayed and examined for smooth ope-ration prior to delivery.

The life of the fans of 520 mm and 610 mm may be considerably increased by reduction of the motor revolutions to 750 rpm.

Extend of supply/diameter

18 ½" 470 mm
20 ½" 520 mm
24" 610 mm


Heat-resistant stainless steel, US standard
RA 330

Motor with cooling flange

2 speed settings
5 kW 1430 U/min 10,9 A
1,7 kW 960 U/min 4,7 A

suitable for  fan diameters
Ø 470 mm Ø 520 mm Ø 610 mm