Oil filter systems

Smart Filter

  • Longer service life of your quenching oil
  • easy to handle

Clean oil is critical for a flawless and fully functional quenching system.

The SBS Smart Filter provides an efficent, cost effective solution for the continuous filtering of your oil bath. Clean oil results in clean workpieces, consistent product quality and a longer life of your quenching oil.

The Smart Filter system is supplied including a circulation pump, a system control, a manometer to indicate the pressure an a visual an acoustic alarm indicating tha the filter has to be exchanged.

It is easy to integrate the Smart Filter into your existing system. It is supplied in a preassembled an prewired condition an therefore ready for connection.

  • Differential pressure display indicates the remaining lifespan of the filter bag
  • Filter unit with quick exchange device and a filtering capacity of up to 9.400 l/h
  • Standard industrial filter size #2 - available from 1 - 1200 microns
  • Autonomous circulation pump with high-temperature gaskets and Viton® elastomers
  • Loud alarm signal indicates the the filter need to be exchanged
  • Preassembled an prewired
  • Gate valve for filter exchange
  • Integrated overflow basin
    • self-priming pumps available
    • high-temperature filter up to 315°C available


The Simplex oil filter is used for quench tanks up to 9.400 l operated continuously and contaminated mainly by soot, carbon an minor metal deposits.


Duplex filters are ideally suited for continuous application. One filter tank can run while the other one is operated. Also usable for intermittent operation up to 18.900 l.


Triplex filters are used for uninterrupted operation for oil baths up to 18.900 l. 2 filters are in operation while the third one is e.g. serviced. Also usable for intermittent operation up to 28.400 l.

Smart Filter with Aqua-Sense

  • Cleaner
  • Safer
  • Smarter

Different hardness values despite equal circumstances can be explained better if you take a look at the moisture in the quenching oil. Mpoisture can get into the quenching bath in different ways, e.g. leaking water cooling systems.

Moisture always has a negative impact on the cooling Cycles an thus on the Quallity and Cleanlines of the trated workpieces, even if the limits are not exceeded.

The graph of the diagram below clearly shows the impact of moisture on the cooling cycles.

This suggests tha moisture in the quenching bath significantly influences the quenching speed resulting in different hardness an soft spots in the workpiece.

Influence of moisture in the quenching bath on the cooling speed

Clean oil

Clean oil is utmost importance for a fully functional quenching system. Our Smart Filter is an efficient, low-cost solution for the continuous filtering of carbon an deposits from the quenching bath.
The Smart Filter system is supplied including steel circulation pump, control panels, pressure gauge and filter monitor for continuous monitoring of the pressure drop.

An acoustic an visual alarm indicates tha the filter bags have to be exchanged.

The Smart Filter is supplied in a preassembled an prewired condition an therefore ready for connection.

Safe workplace

If you use the Aqua-Sense moisture senso in addition, you will have an early warning system for your filter indicating moisture in the quench tank.

This early warning system detects moisture already in its dissolved state, long before a dangerous situation can occur. Alarms are triggered if the preset values are exceeded an if the moisture increases significantly within a very short period of time (e.g. leaking heat exchanger).

Enhanced final product

It has long been known that moisture in the quenching oil leads to different cooling times, resulting in spotted workpieces, deformities, contamination, unequal hardness and soft sports in the workpiece.

Until today, the only monitoring possibility was to have a sample tested by ha laboratory and wait for the result. In the meantime, however, workpieces wich did not meet the specifications were produced.

Using Aqua-Sense, you can now monitor and log critical moisture contents in real time.

Aqua-Sense sends an analog 4 - 20 mA signal to your existing PLC, furnace control or to a strip chart recorder.