More than just spare parts

The exchange of a broken element often does not lead to the desired result because the replacement is often only as good as its system environment. For this reason, it can sometimes be the more economical solution in the longterm to exchange a complete system unit in an industrial furnace. This is why, for instance, at AVION you won’t just get a new burner for your system; on request we will also supply you with a ready-to-install exchange system with jacketed burner tubes and flame tubes made of silicon carbide (Si/SiC).

We can also supply you with air coolers for oil quenching baths, inspection units, sleeve systems or latest control units as complete systems. If required, we will be pleased to install the new units in your systems on site so that any downtime in production is kept as short as possible for you.

Our system units, however, are not just interesting for actual occurrences of a breakdown. We are also pleased to supply industrial furnace manufacturers and system constructors with these products in conjunction with long-term tried and tested elements for the new and further development of heat treatment installations.
Systems drawing