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CERACOAT – heat reflective coating

Heat reflective ceramic coatings for industrial furnaces

  • Energy savings through heat reflection
  • Increased production and productivity
  • Increased product quality through more even temperature distribution
  • additional protection of the brickwork and fiber insulation
  • Health protection through encapsulation of ceramic fibers (ceramic fibers are classified as harmful)
  • Reduction of NOx emissions through lower energy consumption and increased production
  • Can be applied to all common insulation materials – old or new
  • Usually extends the service life of furnace insulation
  • Does not lose its effectiveness even after several years of use

Coating of a galvanizing furnace at the time of the boiler change


  • Mixtures of naturally occurring substances such as mullite, kyanite, quartz, oxides of various transition metals
  • no organic additives
  • Mortar-like, viscous to pasty consistency
  • odorless
  • slightly alkaline
  • not harmful to health
  • thermally stable tested up to 1500 ° C