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More than just Spare Parts

Replacing a broken element often does not lead to the desired goal, because a replacement part is often only as good as its system environment. That is why it can sometimes be the cheaper option in the long term to replace a complete system unit in an industrial furnace. For example, Avion not only gives you a new burner for your system, but also a ready-to-install replacement system with shell and flame jet tubes made of silicon carbide (Si/SiC).

You can also get air coolers for oil quenching tanks , measuring units, muffle systems or current controls from us in the form of complete systems. If required, we will of course be happy to install the new units directly on site in your system, so that you have the lowest possible failure rate in your production.

But our experienced employees do not only install spare parts, but also replace complete system units quickly and reliably.

Cloud-based Warning System

Endogas Control System

Muffle Systems

Oil Filter Systems

Air Cooler for Oil Tanks

Measuring Systems

Air cooler for endogas generators