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Casted Products made of Heat-Resistant Stainless Steel

We supply machined, heat-resistant cast products for the heat treatment branch as well as for the steel and metallurgical industry. A long service life and dimensional stability of our centrifugal casting and investment casting parts are achieved through targeted material selection and the latest production techniques.


centrifugal casting:

Diameter: 65 – 1,350 mm
Length: up to 2,980 mm



investment casting:

Unit weights: 25 kg – 3,500 kg

Our delivery program includes ferritic chromium steels, austenitic chromium-nickel steels, as well as cobalt and nickel-based alloys and other special alloys.

Water-cooled furnace rollers, wear-resistant cast iron for pusher furnaces and bi-metal rollers for continuous casting round off our range.



Possible products:

  • Radiant heating tubes for industrial furnaces
  • Rollers for galvanizing lines
  • Heavy plate – furnace rolls
  • Cast – moldings
  • walking beam
  • oven doors


Carburization resistance up to 1,150°C and oxidation resistance up to 1,250°C depending on the choice of alloy. Our specialist with over 30 years of industry experience will be happy to support you in the selection of materials.

We are also happy to supply welded components using all common processes.

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