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Hardening Protection Pastes

Hardening Protection Pastes against carburization

Hardening Protection Pastes against nitriding

Hardening protection pastes against vacuum reactions

Hardening Protection Pastes against carburization

AVION Green Label

against carburization – water-based

Highly effective hardening protection for use in vacuum or gas carburizing: temperatures up to 1038°C and hardening depth up to 6.35 mm, depending on layer thickness. Processing by brushing, dipping and spraying (airless system).

To clean parts after carburizing, simply wash with hot, soapy water. The tools are cleaned in the same way. The disposal of the product is ecologically harmless.

Delivery form:

plastic bucket 4.5kg
barrels 260kg

AVION Copper label

AVION Copper-Label is an extremely effective protective paste against carburization in the heat treatment process. Particularly suitable for protection with high carburization depths of up to 3 mm.
(NOT suitable for nitrocarburizing).

  • Only one protective coat required
  • Apply by brushing, spraying or dipping.
  • Also suitable for robotics
  • Remove by steel brushing or sandblasting
  • Solvent free
  • Less glazing than other anti-carburizing pastes
  • Particularly suitable as carburization protection for external threads, short tooth flanks for gears, etc.

Since Copper-Label is not soluble in water or other liquids, the residues are mechanically removed.

Delivery form:

can 3.7kg

Hardening protection pastes against nitriding

AVION Blue label

against nitration – water-based

Highly effective protection against nitration with one or more applications, depending on requirements. The product must not be heated above 204°C without inert gas. To clean the parts after nitriding, simply brush them off with a stiff brush.

This product is ecologically completely harmless, the tools etc. can be cleaned with hot soapy water, no hazardous waste disposal is necessary!

scope of delivery

Tin cans 0.5 l 1 kg


AVION Nitro Stop NDB

AVION nitriding and carburizing protection paste is a water-based protective paste specially developed for nitriding processes.
The environmentally friendly paste is a 100% organic substance with ceramic components.
This provides a tough, abrasion resistant protective finish for all metals during heat treatment.

Easy to use as with standard wall paint by applying with a brush, dipping or spraying.

Remove the paste by steel brushing, sandblasting or other mechanical treatment.

No risk of ignition as with solvent-based products.

This product is ecologically completely harmless, the tools etc. can be cleaned with hot soapy water, no hazardous waste disposal is necessary!


  • 100% effective for all processes
  • Water based, safe and easy to use
  • Abrasion-resistant, hard protective layer
  • Easy cleaning of the tools
  • Also for high-alloy tool steels

Areas of application:

  • Nitriding (including plasma nitriding)
  • vacuum and gas carburizing
  • salt bath hardening
  • carbonitriding

Application Notes:

  • use like commercial paint
  • prior cleaning of the surface from oil, scale, etc.
  • 1 coat with a brush, sufficient by dipping or spraying
  • Allow to dry sufficiently at room temperature
  • Suitable for hardening processes up to 1200°C

scope of delivery

Tin cans 0.5 l 1 kg

Hardening protection pastes against nitriding

AVION Zirc label

High-purity zirconium oxide paste (zirconium gel) as a protective coating against melting reactions between graphite frames and hardened goods. Largely replaces expensive ceramic or molybdenum fusible links.

ZIRC-LABEL is applied as a thin separating layer directly to the clean, dust and grease-free graphite (CFC) surface. It prevents the reaction between graphite and metal in the vacuum furnace.

Ideal for

  • Graphite layers in the vacuum furnace
  • crucible
  • cores
  • CFC racks

ZIRC-LABEL is easy to use and environmentally friendly as it is water-based. Brushes and other tools can be cleaned with water, and the viscosity can be optimized by adding water.

  • Temperature range: up to 1900°C
  • Silica free
  • Simple application
  • Drying at room temperature
  • High chemical resistance

form of delivery

tin cans 9kg