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Oil Filter Systems

Smart filters

  • Longer life of your quenching oil
  • Easy to use

Clean oil is critical to a proper and fully functional quench system.

The SBS Smart-Filter offers a cost-effective and efficient solution for the continuous filtration of your oil bath. Clean oil results in clean work pieces, consistent product quality and longer life for your quenching oil.

The Smart Filter system comes with a circulation pump, control panel, a pressure gauge to read the pressure and a light and sound alarm to indicate when the filter needs changing.

It’s easy to add the Smart Filter to your existing system. When delivered, it is already pre-assembled and wired and can therefore be connected directly.

The right size for every application


The Simplex oil filter is used for oil baths up to 9,400 l
with continuous operation and contamination,
which mainly consists of soot, carbon and small-nen
metal deposits exist.


Duplex filters are ideally suited for continuous use.
One filter tank can work while the other is being served.
Can also be used for intermittent operation up to 18,900 l.


Triplex filters are in continuous use for oil baths
used up to 18,900 l. Two tanks filter while
the third party is served. Also for interrupted operation
can be used up to 28,400 l.

Smart Filter with Aqua Sense

  • cleaner
  • safer
  • smarter

Different hardness values despite the same general conditions can be explained better if you examine the moisture in the quenching oil.
This can also get into the quenching bath in various ways, for example from leaky water cooling systems.
Even if limit values are not exceeded, moisture in the quenching oil always has a negative impact on cooling times and thus on the quality and cleanliness of the treated workpieces.

The curve of the following diagram clearly shows the influence of humidity on the cooling times.

This leads to the conclusion that moisture in the quenching bath significantly influences the quenching speed and can thus lead to different hardness and soft spots in the workpiece.

Influence of the humidity in the quench bath on the cooling rate

clean oil

Clean oil is critical to a fully functional quench system. Our Smart Filter is a cost-effective and efficient solution for continuously removing carbon and scale from the quench bath.
The Smart Filter System is supplied complete with an all-steel circulating pump, control panel, pressure gauge and filter monitor for continuous pressure drop monitoring.

An acoustic and visual alarm indicates that the filter bags need to be changed.

The Smart Filter is delivered pre-assembled and pre-wired and can therefore be connected directly.

Safe workplace

Adding the Aqua-Sense moisture sensor gives your filter an early warning system that indicates moisture in the quench tank.

This early warning system detects moisture in its dissolved state long before a dangerous situation can arise. Alarms are triggered when preset values are exceeded or when there is a significant increase in humidity within a very short time (e.g. leaking heat exchanger).

Better end product

It has long been known that moisture in the quenching oil results in variable cooling times, resulting in spotty workpieces, deformation, contamination, uneven hardness and soft spots in the workpiece.

Until now, the only way to monitor was to have a sample tested by a lab and wait for the result. In the meantime, however, parts that were outside the specifications continued to be produced.

With Aqua-Sense you can now monitor and log critical moisture levels in real time.

Aqua-Sense sends an analog, 4-20mA signal to your existing PLC, oven controller or chart recorder.