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Control System for Endogas Generators


The AUTOGEN is a precise gas mixing and control system for endogas generators.

The system features a patented control that uses electronic flow measurement and precise ratio control to consistently deliver the ideal gas mixture for high-quality endogas production.

The AUTOGEN significantly lowers the operating costs, since up to a gas/air ratio of 1:5, excess gas no longer needs to be flared off. The type of control ensures that the generator only produces the amount of protective gas that is required for production. Annoying manual fine adjustments are no longer necessary.

features and benefits

  • no flaring (1:5)
  • significant reduction in CO 2 emissions
  • minimizes maintenance
  • Endomas is available immediately after heating to operating temperature
    • no “running in” of the generator necessary
    • minimizes setup and startup time
  • constant control of the gas/air ratio
  • constant regulation of the dew point
    • less soot formation
  • clear display on a color touchscreen

Included in the system

  • colored touch screen
  • integrated dew point measurement and control
  • integrated temperature measurement and control
  • permanent ratio control gas/air mixture
  • integrated, digital chart recorder (data storage for 5 years and more)
  • electronic air mass meter
  • digital quantity display air / natural gas or propane / endogas
  • safety route
  • air inlet filter
  • Frequency converter for stepless control of the blower motor


power meter 110/220V at 50/60Hz
blower power 230/460V 3 phase
flow rate

2.8 – 170 m3 /h

2.8 – 390m3 /h

partial load range 5:1 (or greater)
at least gas pressure +1.7 N/ cm2 + 0.34 N/ cm2
Max. gas pressure 5.0N/ cm2
Max. operating temperatur 85°C
communication ports 232/485/Ethernet
protocol ModbusRTU
connections 2″ NPT (unless otherwise noted)
gas types propane or natural gas

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