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Si/SiC Radiant Tubes

Si/SiC radiant tubes offer unsurpassed physical properties, faster heat-up time, longer service life, high efficiency and prices in line with the market. An innovation in the field of nozzle technology. Si/SiC radiant tubes are manufactured from natural raw materials using a special process.

Your advantages compared to conventional pipes made of heat-resistant stainless steel or monolithic ceramic material:

  • Durability and reliability at temperatures up to 1350°C
  • superior resistance – without extreme brittleness to
    Thermal shock, overheating, oxidation, carburization, creep, corrosive atmospheres, vibration, magnetization, residues of suds

Heat flow: 7800 cal/h/cm²

Si/SiC radiant tubes can be used in all heat treatment processes in gas or electrically heated hardening and tempering furnaces. The pipes are manufactured with flanges that are open on both sides or closed on one side.

Ready-to-install replacement systems with casing and flame tubes up to 6″ in diameter made of Si/SiC composite material for recuperative burner systems can be delivered at short notice.

Si/SiC recuperator radiant tubes are absolutely maintenance-free.

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