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Fan Blades

AVION fan blades ULTRA – The inexpensive and smooth-running ventilation unit for all types of stoves!

ULTRA fans are cast from one material (1.4864). The integrated reinforcement ribs lie on the centerline of inertia, which largely eliminates warping or twisting of the wings. ULTRA fan blades are always heat-treated, X-rayed and checked again for true running before delivery.

The service life of wings with 520 mm and 610 mm can be significantly increased by reducing the engine speed to 750 rpm.

Scope of delivery / diameter

18½” 470mm
20½” 520mm
24″ 610mm



Heat-resistant stainless steel US standard RA 330 (1.4864)
All wings are always available from stock.

Motor with cooling flange

2-stage speed

5kW 1430 rpm 10.9A
1.7kW 960 rpm 4.7A

suitable for fan blades

Ø 470mm Ø 520mm Ø 610mm

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