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Graphite for vacuum furnaces

Graphite fiber insulation panels

Graphite fiber insulation material using lightweight carbon-bonded fiber materials with low thermal conductivity and vapor pressure with excellent insulating properties to reduce heat loss. It withstands temperatures up to 3,000°C and virtually eliminates imperfections or hot spots found in other materials. It is easy to handle, easy to install, free to machine, and capable of maintaining accurate detail.

Typical Applications: Vacuum Furnace Insulation Inert Gas Furnace Insulation Insulation for inert gas atmosphere process equipment.

Standard dimension

soft felt

Dimensions soft felt

graphite carbon
30000x1200x5mm 30000x1200x5mm
30000x1200x10mm 15000x1200x10mm

graphite foil

Dimensions graphite foil

  • Width: 500 and 1,000 mm
  • Length: as required
  • Strength:
    • 0.38mm
    • 0.50mm
    • 0.75mm
    • 0.80mm
    • 1.00mm
    • 1.50mm

hard graphites

Based on the technical specifications, we offer you:

  • heating pipes
  • heating rods
  • clamps
  • bridges
  • oven support

CFC charging racks

Due to its physical properties, CFC is an excellent charging element for the heat treatment of steel in a vacuum furnace.
The positive properties such as high strength combined with little or no distortion of the charge at high temperatures predestines this material for this application.


CFC (carbon fiber reinforced carbon) is a high-performance fiber composite material consisting of a carbon or graphite matrix and carbon fibers.

The introduction of the fibers creates a heat-resistant material that can be used under protective gas or vacuum up to well over 2000°C.

We offer standard products such as:

  • plates
  • U – Profiles
  • L—profiles
  • h—profiles
  • fastening material

in different dimensions.

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