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Furnace Chains

Type EURO: The standard chain – tried and tested many times. Highly heat-resistant chain, primarily for use in carbon nitriding and case hardening.
(Material 50% RA 310/50% RA 330)

Type ULTRA: The reinforced universal chain, for use in tempering, case hardening and carbon nitriding. Depending on the system, the batch weight can be increased by at least 25%. One material is used for both the cold and the hot area.
(Material RA 310/1.4845)

Type DELUXE: The light one, primarily for use when tempering relatively light charges and large volumes.
(Material RA 310)

All links are welded, with the exception of 3 end links, which are split on one side for easy shortening of the chains.

AVION transfer chains –
Specially designed for multi-purpose chamber furnaces, tailored to yours
individual batch weights


100 links 1 5/8″
76 links 2½”


Other lengths and repair links on request.


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