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Just in time for the somersault day of the bad word games, I think to myself “Okäse then I’ll blog.” Now I’ve got a lot of muffins – my first entry. But since it’s colder than outside at night anyway – it’s all Roger.

By the way, the German cartoonist Bastian Melnyk launched it in 2006 and since then it has been celebrated annually on November 12th. Yes, the Lord who also invented “Losing Money Intentionally Day”, which is October 27th.

You are probably thinking “Wayne cares?” But you have the choice fish – read on or to the antenna!

Those who are still reading this blog – a little bit back – that way you can talk better.
Don’t you also get annoyed by these language bugs who spoil our beautiful German language by twisting letters and neologisms? I really get “Wood” in my stomach. Not only that you hear it often enough. No! After a while these words will become part of your own vocabulary! Schittebön, there we have the salad!
But if I have the puree massaged all over again and take to heart my brother’s motto “the juice is in the chest”, I like to let these play on words pester me.

Therefore, warm glow mantle you “day of bad puns”!

And true to my motto “Talking is silence – silver is gold”, I am now looking forward to your puns!

Clarify everything, little bear? Then you Tschüssikowski and see you valerian!

Your son