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Modernization is currently on everyone’s lips. So now we too want to continuously modernize and improve our communication channels. That’s why we’re starting the Avion Hot Blog today.

Blogging? What for? And why me
It used to be Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, LinkdIn, Xing, Stayfriends …
Additionally supplemented by SMS, WhattsApp etc. (what have I forgotten?).
I have always resisted to use everything. Man, how much time is wasted there!
Because it could be that someone actually answers …

So blog now!

Well, I think especially at an advanced age (hey, I’m already in my mid-50s!), You shouldn’t throw yourself to the “scrap heap”. The others will do that for you (bet?).

And as a starting point, I think such a company blog is a good tool, because the dialogue with customers or other members of the “community” (I don’t think so: I actually used this word) is important to me.

I also hope for creative feedback! So, let’s go!
So I invite everyone to take part in our new blog.
We would like to stimulate discussions in loose succession, especially in the area of heat treatment.

Which topics are you (and us) burning on your nails?
Tell me about topic requests, suggestions, criticism, etc.
I myself imagine a lively exchange about technical questions, but also general topics, such as:

• How the industry is ticking right now (e.g. ban on internal combustion engines by 2030)
• What are the ups and downs in the industry right now?
• Which speaker is particularly upset at the moment?
• Which sow is being driven through the village in the area of new norms or specifications (does anyone still remember the good old Q1 from Ford?)?

So, hit the keys! I am looking forward to the exchange !

So that the question from above is superfluous.
Not: Why me?
But: just like me! (or: me anyway …)

Until then ! Have a nice time!