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Annual reviews can currently be followed again on all channels with different focuses.

It is worthwhile to take a look back in-house at the eventful year 2016 at AVION.

We took part in 2 trade fairs (Heat Treatment Forum in Poland and HK in Cologne) and were again able to make great contacts and deepen existing business relationships.

The preparations and the trade fair time are always very intensive, but the trade fair participation itself is always accompanied by a lot of fun and good results.

Conclusion: we’ll do that again!

Of course, we also had to deal with the authorities again this year.

So the first thing to do was recertification and then recently we had a sales tax audit.

With the special dedication of all those involved, both were overcome with flying colors.

Conclusion: You don’t need it more often, but it works!

The satisfaction of our customers is one of our primary goals.

I think we managed that again very well, but there are always exceptions to the rule. There is a customer who will still owe us a lot of money because bankruptcy was filed there – very bitter ….

And of course there is also the customer, for whom the alarm bells of all employees go off immediately if the name is even mentioned. We try our best here, because something has already gone wrong (with and without our fault) but somehow there is always something that makes us sweat again. But I am confident that we will master this matter also next year.

Furthermore, through many successful repairs, TUS / SAT measurements and the improvement of our range of systems, we were certainly able to spread our good name in the industry.

Conclusion: everything can’t work out, but we’re working on it!

Through our activities in the social media areas, we have also broken new ground and hope that sooner or later we will get a good response and a lively exchange here as well.

We have started to set up an AVION BLOG and also launched a “Black Friday”, to give just a few examples.

Conclusion: break new ground!

A lot has happened within the company in the past year …


We have reorganized and divided our office space within the building.

Our trainee successfully passed his exam and was taken on, whereas a long-standing employee left us and a part-time employee became a full-time employee. In addition, a working student was able to be hired to look after our digital marketing department.

And – last but not least – our managing director has been happily married since April 30, 2016.

There were no high levels of sick leave this year, and within the company we again got through the year without any accidents. Even the office workers with a forklift license have been accident-free for 2 years. Will it stay that way with our new forklift? Let’s wait and see.

Of course, we enjoyed our almost legendary company outings again in 2016.

Our company outing to Hanover or our end-of-year dinner followed by a visit to the Christmas market certainly contribute to the good mood among us.

We’ll allow ourselves some relaxation in week 52, when we have company holidays and time to think about the past.


Conclusion: keep it up (maybe a little less turbulent) and

Challenges are there to grow with them!


Your Astrid! =)