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Managing Director Roland Caminades recently traveled to the USA to formally deepen a longstanding business relationship. “As of now, Avion Europa is the sole dealer in German-speaking countries for SBS products,” explains Caminades. “We have been selling SBS products for a number of years, but rather neglected, as especially in Germany a lot of cooling is still done with water and the existing infrastructure cannot simply be converted to air cooling, even if this would be much more economical.” In addition to the cooling systems, however, the oil filters are also of interest to the German heat treatment market. “We are very astonished at how few filter systems are used in Germany for cleaning quenching oil,” explains Jeff Smith, owner of SBS Corp.

A significantly longer service life of the oils and stable quenching results more than make up for the relatively low investment costs. In conjunction with the AquaSense moisture sensor, an essential contribution to safety in the hardening shop can also be made here, because this new type of sensor detects even the slightest traces of moisture before water in the oil becomes a hazard.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer the cooling and filtering systems used in almost all hardening shops in the USA to an increasing extent in Europe,” summarizes Caminades the intention for the intensified cooperation with SBS.